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    An individual (NOT a corporation), termed a “pro se” party, is allowed by law to represent himself or herself, but it is not recommended.  Representing yourself in a criminal case will not be discussed here, it being an inherently foolhardy thing to do and requiring specific procedures in front of a judge to even request to do so.

    In representing yourself in a family or civil matter, please understand you will be required to follow all the same rules of procedure, discovery, and evidence required for attorneys.  The judge CANNOT give you any advice or help.

    There are resources on the internet and in libraries which provide assistance to you, especially in divorce and custody matters.  A couple of links to websites follow which many judges prefer you use if you are going to represent yourself in a divorce or custody matter.  Please understand neither the judge nor anyone on his or her staff can advise or assist you as to the proper way to fill out the forms.

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